Photography in Our Life

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Photography in Our Life

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The man has always wanted to portray some special moments of life and not only with the help of words but using images as well. At first primitive artists depicted their impressions on cave walls. Then they learned how to make crafts from clay, stone and wood. Later people mastered more elaborate painting techniques and the technical development has made the invention of photography possible.

It is awesome to be able to stop the moment! Probably after these words the man decided to invent the first camera. In fact, the photograph lets us catch the moment and preserve it in the memory of the film, paper or digital media for a long time. With the development of information technologies taking pictures has become extremely easy. Today, to make a great photo enough camera smartphone. Photography has evolved from a complicated process of working with the film and bulky equipment to minute high quality cameras recording that very "moment" in digital format.

Digital photography is everything for us! This is especially true for a beginner in the field of photography. As Henri Cartier Bresson said "your first ten thousand images are going to be the worst". So it is clear why the budding photographers had better opt for the digital cameras rather than analogue ones.

Photography in the 21st Century

Man with iPhone

Photography has become quite affordable for the society and that is why it is very popular! Everyone who has a smartphone can start "the career" of a photographer. Smartphone is just perfect for shooting portraits. These days most premium and mid-range smartphones come with a portrait feature that focuses on the foreground object while the background stays a bit blurred. This photography technique is called "shooting with bokeh effect". iPhone 7 Plus was the first smartphone with bokeh feature. Specialists from Cupertino work hard to make smartphone cameras perform better. And in Apple App Store you can find thousands of photo and video apps for your iPhone.

Camera Versus Smartphone

AKVIS Retoucher Screenshot

Camera in the phone is an important but additional feature while a professional camera is a creative tool that inspires and enables the user to develop the photography skills. So for most photographers a smartphone is something like an album for draft images and they always rely on professional cameras for serious projects.

When you turn to professional photographer you expect to get beautiful quality pictures. In its turn there is an experienced and creative photographer with a quality photo camera in the bag behind every incredibly beautiful and inspiring picture. To meet and even exceed your expectations a professional photographer relies on equipment that allows for flawless idea implementation.

Photo as a Gift

Personalized Puzzles

You can't get your eyes off a beautiful photo or a painting. But at the age of digital photography you won't impress anyone with beauty alone. Today people in America have a keen interest in personalized photo products with professional design. You can find these products at such popular online services as Shutterfly, Snapfish, Zazzle, Tiny Prints, Walgreens and more. Customers can use digital manipulation to edit their photos and create personalized gifts for their relatives and friends to enjoy. Do you remember how excited you felt when you saw a greeting card in your mailbox? Such gifts are full of feelings and can speak right to the heart.

Personalized photo gifts are so popular because of their uniqueness, plus they are quite easy to make. You don't need any special skills or knowledge to make personalized photo products. With the help of easy-to-use tools and a great selection of templates, clip art and background you can easily create a beautiful personalized greeting card or a photo book. Just show those you love how much you care!

A Photo as a Piece of Art

Art Photography

Photos can be different. People often make photos to capture the special moment or preserve in the memory some events or places visited. But sometimes you might want to make the picture that would evoke the feelings not connected with some memories or events, the picture that would hang on the wall as if it opened the window into the other world, the world of art.

Yes, it will be a piece of art you created yourself – not Michelangelo, Annie Leibovitz or Irving Penn - just you. Why not? Anyone can do that. You just have to want it. Modern digital cameras are so easy to use and so complicated inside that they enable the user to capture "the chronicles of life" without effort and spiritual overload, but with amazing results of 10х15 that can easily fill a thick photo album.

How to differentiate whether it is a piece of art or not? If you look at the photo made by some other person and you wish you made it – well, it is a piece of art. It's a joke. But only part of it is a joke. You should like the photo and it is the most important thing. If you like your photo it is a piece of art. And genuine art deserves to see the public and be printed.

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs"

Ansel Easton Adams